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You Navigate Breastfeeding Your Baby with

Food Allergies

How does it work? After you book with one of those amazing ladies up there, you'll be prompted to enter your information. It's here we give you a section to share your story!


We don’t want you to feel rushed, so please share (& come) with as much specific information as possible about your journey so far. The more info we have, the better we can serve you.


We want to know everything:

  • Your child's symptoms and their age

  • How long you've noticed reactions

  • What you've done so far (diet changes, creams, allergy-testing, etc)

  • Your feeding goals

  • What your child's medical team recommends

  • How your mental and physical health are doing

Leave this session with ALL the resources you need for the next steps of your journey!

We’ll pack as much valuable information as we can into this time, so you can feel confident in breastfeeding your baby.

This is a general, science-based education consult tailored to your journey and is not meant to replace standard medical care or treatment advice.

The session may be shadowed by a Free to Feed™ employee trainee.



  1. What if I don't see a time that works for me? Email us at info@freetofeed.com

  2. What if I don't receive a video link? You should receive an email from our platform immediately after scheduling. If not, there may be an email typo or other technical issue. Please email us at info@freetofeed.com as soon as possible so we can ensure you are correctly set up for your consult!

  3. What if I want the Food Allergy Support Package after one consult? You might! We apply your consult cost (in exchange for one consultation credit)! Enjoy knowing you've got another consult, plus all our invaluable resources to continue guiding you.

  4. What if my baby doesn't have food allergies? Our consultants are knowledgeable well beyond infant food allergies. They have years of experience with babies in other pertinent fields like lactation, pediatrics, nurses, dieticians - only making our consults more powerful to your feeding journey.

  5. Do you help families outside the US? Absolutely, our consultations are available globally in English, Spanish (Erica), and Arabic (Dana)!

  6. What if I have more questions after my consult? It is very likely you will have questions after a consult! For that reason, you will be linked to your expert through direct messaging in our platform. This allows you to ask those quick questions along the way, however we recommend scheduling a personal consultation for anything above and beyond that!

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