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A Few of Our

(Favorite Things)

Top Allergen Substitutes & Support

Being on an elimination diet can feel very restrictive, but it doesn't have to be.  Today, there are several allergy-friendly alternatives available in most grocery stores. 


Below are some of Free to Feed's favorites and you can see our first list of over 200 vetted products on our Amazon Storefront here


Click on each for more information!
*Products are continuously changing.  Please double check that all ingredient decks are free from your eliminated foods!

Click here for our Australia product substitutes page!

Vitamin D Square

Seeking Health

Vitamin D Drops

Perfect Supps

Perfect Supplements
Plant Protein Powder

Fecal Occult Blood Test


Occult Blood Stool Test

Chocolate Square

Enjoy Life

Chocolate Morsels

Egg Replacement

Bob's Red Mill

Egg Replacer

Sunflower Seed Flour

Beyond the Equator 

Sunflower Seed Flour

Cassava Flour

Otto's Naturals

Cassava Flour

Coconut Aminos

Coconut Secret

Coconut Aminos


True Made Foods

Vegetable Ketchup

Kale Chips

Rhythm Superfoods

Kale Chips

Cereal Square

Awsum Snacks

Quinoa Puffed Stars

Taco Shells

Siete Foods

Grain Free Taco Shells

Thats it

That's It

Fruit Bars

Terra Chips

TERRA® Chips

Lamb Jerky

Wild Zora

Lamb & Veggie Bar

Solely Pasta


Spaghetti Squash Pasta

Fruit Strip

Peaceful Fruits

Fruit Strips

Sunflower seed butter


Sunflower Butter

Cassava Pasta


Spaghetti Squash Pasta

Tomato Sauce

Vero Gusto 

Tomato Sauce

Coconut Powder


Coconut Milk Powder

Do you have a FAVORITE product you'd like us to share? Let us know!

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