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Due to the personalized nature of navigating infant food allergies, we REQUIRE you have an initial consultation prior to utilizing our Allergy Expert messaging services. After your initial consultation, you'll receive a discount code to save on one of the packages above!

Science-Backed Guidance to Resolve Your Baby's Symptoms, and Reach Your Feeding Goals

You Need a Proven Plan & Expert Guidance


Most parents struggle to resolve their baby’s food reactivity symptoms & reach their feeding goals because…

❌ They don’t have a proven plan to follow.

❌ They don't have access to credentialed allergy experts.

❌ They lack the latest science-backed data about infant food allergies.

❌ No one has guided them with helpful resources for how to navigate their specific situation.

❌ They don’t have a community of fellow infant food allergy parents to lean on.

Our Infant Allergy Support Will Leave You Feeling

✔️  Comforted by the fact that your baby’s uncomfortable symptoms have resolved (or in some more complex cases, have improved significantly!)

✔️  Seen, heard, and empathized by medical professionals through this highly emotional and heart-wrenching experience.

✔️  Confident in your baby’s current health and wellbeing.

✔️  Empowered that you’ve been able to continue breastfeeding your baby, despite these food allergy challenges.

✔️  Clear on how to navigate your baby’s food allergies into the future, and where to turn for resources and questions down the road.

4 Steps to Navigate Infant Food Reactivity


Take the Food Reactivity Quiz to confirm whether or not you’re likely dealing with food allergies.


Schedule a 1:1 consultation with a highly credentialed Allergy Expert (choose from RN’s, IBCLC, RD’s, and Pediatricians). Most parents need 2-4 consults over a few weeks.

Digital Course

Equip yourself with the knowledge and resources needed to tackle the challenges you’re facing with our digital courses.


Message our Allergy Experts with your urgent questions, diaper photos, nutrition label reviews, and more between consults.

Join Thousands of Happy Parents with Thriving Babies

Free to Feed is literally a LIFE SAVER. If your child has food allergies, you need this in your life. From providing educational resources in a way you can understand to connecting you with a community, it's the first time I don't feel alone and lost. The most valuable part to me is having a community of Drs and Specialists that are certified and actually knowledgeable in this space. Finally gives food allergy parents hope.

~ Maddie

Resolve Your Baby's Symptoms.

Reach Your Feeding Goals.

Imagine having the knowledge to confidently resolve your baby's discomfort, without compromising your feeding goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve been to a number of doctors with no success. How do I know Free to Feed will be different for me?
We've been where you are.  Each of our experts has personally experienced food reactivity and brings to the conversation the expertise to properly navigate your journey PLUS the empathy of knowing exactly how hard it is to see our children suffer while being dismissed elsewhere.  You are not alone and we are truly devoted to helping.

Q: What is discussed during the personal consultations?
During the one on one session we deep dive into your journey, discuss the science behind what is happening in baby's body during food reactivity and what impact our current feeding mode has on it, then determine the best next steps.  This may be choosing an appropriate elimination diet, designing a reintroduction strategy, or reviewing other necessary resources.  We will send you follow up educational and instructional content based on this conversation.

Q: How long does it take to see results?
Most often our families experience changes within a week.  Results depend on the severity of reactivity and complexity of the situation.

Q: How soon can I get started once I join?
You can get started immediately by sharing some basic information about your situation in our intake process and scheduling your first one on one consultation.

Q: Is this program right for me if my baby is over 6 months old?
Yes! We are here to help with elimination, reintroduction, starting solids, early and often allergen introduction, and so much more.  Many of these milestones happen after your baby turns 6 months old. 

Q: I would like to breastfeed my baby after they are 1 year old. Is this program right for me?
We are here to help you reach your feeding goals!  We fully support and encourage feeding well beyond your baby's first birthday.

Q: Will this program help me navigate the elimination diet?
We are here to help you reach your feeding goals!  We fully support and encourage feeding well beyond your baby's first birthday.

Q: Will you be able to help me identify what foods are bothering my baby?
Our goal is to help you pinpoint the specific food triggers in order to know exactly what your child is reactive to as well as have a sustainable diet long term.

Q: Does this program work for vegans?
We love and work with vegans, vegetarians, and a plethora of other lifestyles.  We understand that this comes with unique challenges and are excited to navigate them alongside you.

Q: Does this program provide reintroduction strategies?
Once we have reached baseline, our next step is to build a reintroduction strategy with you in mind.  Each plan is unique, specific to your child's type of reactions, timing history, nutritional needs, and personal preferences.  We walk through each step of the process with you to remove the guesswork.  

Q: Will this help me introduce solids safely?
Foods should be a happy experience!  We fully understand how introducing solids can cause anxiety which is why we take a tailored approach to introducing solids in a way that is both safe and pleasant for everyone.


Questions? Email us at We're here to support you!

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