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your child's food reactivity symptoms


your feeding goals

You Need a Proven Plan & Expert Guidance


Most parents struggle to resolve their baby’s food reactivity symptoms & reach their feeding goals because…

❌ They don’t have a proven plan to follow.

❌ They don't have access to credentialed allergy experts.

❌ They lack the latest science-backed data about infant food allergies.

❌ No one has guided them with helpful resources for how to navigate their specific situation.

❌ They don’t have a community of fellow infant food allergy parents to lean on.

4 Steps to Navigate Infant Food Reactivity


Take the Food Reactivity Quiz to confirm whether or not you’re likely dealing with food allergies.


Schedule a 1:1 consultation with a highly credentialed Allergy Expert (choose from RN’s, IBCLC, RD’s, and Pediatricians). Most parents need 2-4 consults over a few weeks.

Digital Course

Equip yourself with the knowledge and resources needed to tackle the challenges you’re facing with our Free to Feed Method


Message our Allergy Experts with your urgent questions, diaper photos, nutrition label reviews, and more between consults.

Our Infant Allergy Support Will Leave You Feeling

✔️  Comforted by the fact that your baby’s uncomfortable symptoms have resolved (or in some more complex cases, have improved significantly!)

✔️  Seen, heard, and empathized by medical professionals through this highly emotional and heart-wrenching experience.

✔️  Confident in your baby’s current health and wellbeing.

✔️  Empowered that you’ve been able to continue breastfeeding your baby, despite these food allergy challenges.

✔️  Clear on how to navigate your baby’s food allergies into the future, and where to turn for resources and questions down the road.

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Profile Picture-Dr. Trill Paullin-Molecular Biologist-Free to Feed

"I started Free to Feed™ after I struggled to resolve my first daughter's uncomfortable food allergy symptoms. I was told my breastmilk was killing my baby, but with my biomolecular background, I knew there was a better way."​

Dr. Trill Paullin, PhD

Co-Founder of Free to Feed

Resolve Your Baby's Symptoms.

Reach Your Feeding Goals.

Imagine having the knowledge to confidently resolve your baby's discomfort, without compromising your feeding goals.

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