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IBCLC & Food Allergy Warrior

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Hannah Hill, RN, IBCLC

3 Facts About Hannah You Gotta Know Right Away

  1. She’s anaphylactic to egg and egg products. After years of dealing with this life-threatening allergy, she understands food allergies more than most.

  2. Growing up with younger siblings, she’s been passionate about all things babies for as long as she can remember. She used to call herself “The Baby Expert.” She got to watch her mom breastfeed and sees her as a beautiful example of what’s possible.

  3. She loves cooking, baking, and canning wholesome meals for her family. No one even misses eggs at home.

Get Experienced, Compassionate Support From A Nurse & IBCLC!

Born and raised in a small town in Washington, Hannah grew up riding horses, raising livestock,  and tending the family garden. She loves farm life with her favorite people in the world — her family!


Hannah’s Experience & Education Serves Your Food Allergy Family


  • Associate’s Degree in Nursing (Walla Walla Community College, Washington)

  • Implemented Nurse Home Visit Program In Her Community

  • International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

  • Certified Infant Massage Instructor

As “The Baby Expert” who thrives while helping and supporting others, becoming a nurse made  sense after high school. She focused on Postpartum (of course) and happily admits she shed tears for each new baby born on her watch.


Hannah has first-hand experience caring for new families during those vital first months as parents. She provided compassionate, tender care for families' needs during that precious newborn phase. 


As she saw the need for more follow-up care for families, Hannah spearheaded a new initiative at her local health department. She led — and implemented — a home visit program for vulnerable populations. Now, first-time parents, families with challenging social situations, and babies with special health needs receive personalized care from a nurse in their own home.

She’s excited to bring this same drive and knowledge to the Free to Feed

as a Food Allergy Consultant.


Hannah offers additional medical experience and knowledge combined with the highest breastfeeding education you can achieve as an IBCLC. She proudly helps families interested in infant massage too. She’s seen the power of touch do amazing things for babies.

Hannah just might understand the impact of food allergies more than anyone on our team. She developed her severe egg allergy in her TEENS! Just like that, one day she needed an epi-pen to save her life.


No more eating at friends' houses or going out to restaurants. Her life changed in an instant, just like yours. She understands the social isolation and constant explaining that food allergies bring. Hannah decided to not let her egg allergy define her and proudly serves up delicious foods to her family regularly, all egg-free of course. (She hasn’t nailed down a  gluten-free cinnamon roll though. If you’ve got a secret, share it please!)


When you grow up in a small town raising livestock, you end up going to cattle sales. This is where Hannah met the love of her life, her now-husband Bryce. She said it was “love at first sight” for both of them. “We knew God had made us for each other.” (So sweet, right? Don't you just love, love?!)

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A Food Allergy Warrior, Wife, & Breastfeeding Mama

They married within a couple of years and had their wedding on the family farm. Since 2017, they’ve been living their dream in a small ranching community. They’re surrounded by lakes, mountains, and of course — lots of work on the family farm.


They welcomed their daughter, Johannah, in November 2021, after years of prayer and heartache longing for a family. She’s their miracle baby. Hannah says,

Trying to become a mother and becoming a mother were the most beautiful and challenging seasons in life.”


We can bet you understand that! Guess what else Hannah experienced, like many new parents? Breastfeeding struggles!


Even as a nurse, working in family birthing, visiting postpartum families at home, and serving as an IBCLC, she found breastfeeding to be a challenge. (So give yourself a break, okay? Even experts struggle with this.) She had great support from her husband who kept her laughing by calling her “The Boobie Vault.” (Humor helps us get through it.)


Her daughter was later diagnosed and treated for a tongue tie. We want to acknowledge how hard it is as parents to ask for help. But remember, we ALL need help raising babies and were never meant to do this alone!


Hannah’s so excited to bring her empathy, education, and love to families also dealing with feeding issues like Tethered Oral Ties. Is it a food allergy or a breastfeeding issue? Hannah will know!


We’re so excited for Hannah to guide our food allergy families with compassion, knowledge, and resources.

Hannah’s Advice to Parents Who Just Found Out Their Baby Has Food Allergies


You have help and Free to Feed wants to see your family succeed. Breastmilk’s so powerful, and we understand why you want to continue nourishing your baby. It does get easier — and you’ve got support!”


Hannah's Motivation to Continue to Support Breastfeeding Through Infant Food Allergies


“The power of breastmilk’s incredible, and the bond with your baby has no comparison. Although it’s natural, it doesn’t mean it’s the easiest thing to do. Breastfeeding comes with so many challenges, but you can get to a place where you enjoy it with your food allergy baby.”


What Hannah Wishes People Understood About Baby Food Allergies


Coming from my perspective of having food allergies, it takes a big mental load. It makes it harder to live every day. It’s important to work through that and accept that it’s your reality for now. While it’s my reality forever, it might not be for yours.”

Don’t Suffer A Second Longer With Your Food Allergy Baby
Get Resources & Support Your Family Needs With Hannah!

Want FREE Insurance Covered IBCLC Consultations?

Free to Feed™ is proud to partner with the Lactation Network, providing you with IBCLC consultations covered by your insurance (typically covered at 100%). The following insurances are accepted: Blue Cross PPO, Blue Shield PPO, Anthem PPO, Cigna PPO, and Human PPO plans as well as most plans that utilize MultiPlan and PNOA.


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