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(Meet Jennifer)

Tethered Oral Tissues Expert & Food Allergy Warrior Who Also has Celiac Disease

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Jennifer Black, BS, IBCLC

The entire Free to Feed team couldn’t be more excited to onboard Jennifer Black in our journey helping families find their freedom to feed!


As an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) she brings a wealth of knowledge and specialized support to your family as you navigate food reactivity, milk production concerns, weight gain concerns, pumping issues including flange fitting, tethered oral tissues, and other breast/chest feeding conditions that require family specific support. 

For much of her early life, Jennifer spent time in both South Carolina and Rhode Island. Her mother’s job transferred her to Rhode Island, a life circumstance that helped Jennifer navigate both Southern and Northern ways of life in the United States. She attributes this interesting mix of cultures to her open mind, free flowing spirit and tenacity for helping families.  For now, she is nestled into Tampa, Florida where she provides lactation support both virtually and in person.   She determined that Tampa was the perfect place to plant her very own family because she has other family there and she loves this change in scenery.  There she is coupled with Mikah, who is also her stylist.  She does openly brag about her ability to enjoy free haircuts at a moment's notice!  Together, they have 5 children; three girls and two boys.  

Her love for children was her catalyst for starting off her medical career as a certified nursing assistant, where she worked primarily with pediatric patients.  While working as a CNA, she decided to start her own family.  As the parent of two children with lactation/feeding issues, she was determined to learn about lactation because her knowledge deficit meant that she could not meet her breastfeeding goals.  This left her heartbroken. When her 3rd child came along, Jennifer put on her game face, and she sought out support.  She knew that she needed to find a community of lactating parents, so she enlisted the help of a lactation support group.  Cheers!!!! That very community not only helped her meet her lactation goals but also helped her find her 

new passion!  This newfound passion led her to become an IBCLC and she’s been helping parents meet their lactation goals ever since. Today, she has completed a whopping 2400+ virtual consults, and even more in person consults.  


  • Stressed about oral tethers

  • Stressed about weight gain

  • Stressed about supply

  • Stressed about flange size

  • Stressed about pumping on an elimination diet…

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Jennifer has also had to learn to manage breastfeeding children with food allergies/intolerances.  All of her children had issues with dairy, and she was left to figure this out with little guidance or assistance.  One of her children also struggled through reactivity associated with dairy, soy, gluten and corn.  Just imagine how different that journey would have been had Free To Feed been birthed prior to that feeding journey.  She and two of her children have Celiacs Disease, so she also understands the dietary constraints and challenges that accompany this diagnosis and many others.

We have heard your needs and we’ve got solutions!


As an IBCLC, Jennifer leaves no stone unturned. She is truly an investigator at heart. She likes to discover each and every issue, and then tackle them head on. Her lactation solutions are well informed, evidence based, and personalized!  She knows just how to consider food allergies, tongue ties, weight issues, and any other challenge you need a solutions oriented approach to resolving.  Jennifer prides herself in her thorough approach to solving feeding challenges, her open mindedness, and her genuine concern for parents.  


Now, a word on tethered oral tissues….

When Jennifer discovered that her 5th child had a tongue tie, she dived in head first to gain a better understanding of this medical phenomenon.  This led her on a new journey….to learn everything she could about tethered oral tissues and today, she is the expert that parents seek.  After she gained expertise in this field, she discovered that her very own child, at the age of 12, was struggling with tethered oral tissues in her cheeks, tongue, and lips since birth. She was also able to discern how these tethered tissues impacted her child in a multitude of ways, to include her ability to sleep, her ability to speak, her feeding challenges at the table and the breast, and her bout with reflux.  Today, she is working with her child to reconcile these tethered tissues.  Jennifer notes that when discovered later in life, persons diagnosed with tethered tissues have already adapted, so unique strategies must be considered and implemented during the healing and correcting process.  As she states, “it is much harder to correct a decade of adapting because these tissues cause a lot of tension in her face, neck and jaw, and these issues take time to correct”.  Jennifer is well versed in identification, treatment options/approaches, and finding local resources to clinically address tethered oral tissues.  She has truly mastered the ability to complete an oral tethered tissue consult via ZOOM….yes, I said 

ZOOM.  You can obtain this knowledge in the comfort of your own living room.  And best of all, she’s already done the research!

Need an ear, we’ve got a listener

As a parent who found it difficult to get medical professionals to hear and understand her concerns, Jennifer is accustomed to listening to parent’s needs with an empathetic mind. No one spends more time with a baby than the parents do and Jennifer is ready to hear your concerns.  As an IBCLC, she understands the importance of collecting facts before recommending solutions.


Her awesome education and certifications include:

  • Certified Nursing Assistant

  • International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant 

  • Dual Associate degrees in Psychology and Science

  • Bachelor in Science in Maternal Child Health

  • Certified Birth/ Postpartum Doula

  • Lamaze Certified Childbirth educator

  • Master’s Level nursing education


Additional Areas of Expertise

  • Weight gain concerns (helps parents if this is poor weight gain)

  • Milk production concerns

  • Pumping and flange fitting

  • Induced lactation

  • LGBTQIA lactation

  • Breast/chest and nipple infections

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5 Fun Facts About Jennifer and her family:

  1. They love going to the movies. They could probably help you pick what movie you want to enjoy next Friday night.

  2. They love trying new restaurants….because they love food. 

  3. Her two favorite foods are pizza and tacos

  4. In her spare time Jennifer loves to have adventures and try new things

  5. Jennifer spent 110 months of her life breastfeed/pumping

What Jennifer wishes most parents understood about food allergy babies and lactation….

You don't have to figure this out alone!! Having knowledgeable, non-judgemental support is crucial!


Get guidance and expertise from an experienced IBCLC, and pump expert who is armed with food allergy expertise and lactation solutions to help you meet your breastfeeding goals!

Book with Jennifer Today!


Want FREE Insurance Covered IBCLC Consultations?

Free to Feed™ is proud to partner with the Lactation Network, providing you with IBCLC consultations covered by your insurance (typically covered at 100%). The following insurances are accepted: Blue Cross PPO, Blue Shield PPO, Anthem PPO, Cigna PPO, and Human PPO plans as well as most plans that utilize MultiPlan and PNOA.

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