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Reintroduction Ladders

Research suggests a "ladder" system which involves differing levels of preparation. Using this method, baby is given the various broken-down forms of the protein by cooking it at different levels. For example, offering dairy in a cooked muffin (very broken down) then cheese (moderately broken down) then actual milk (barely broken down). Each of these represent a different level of heat which will change the structure/size of the protein. More heat = more broken-down protein. ⁣

It is also important to know that introducing through your milk creates another “rung” on the ladder as your digestive system will also break apart the protein. Unfortunately, we do not know (YET!) exactly how much. We don’t know if your body will take whole milk and break it down more or less than what is seen in a cooked muffin. Moms introducing via breast can use the ladder knowing that what baby can tolerate through her may not match what they can tolerate directly. Mom may be able to eat cheese and nurse while baby may be at the muffin level.

Below, we've provided simple ladders for the top infant food intolerance/allergies: Cow's Milk Protein, Soy, Egg, and Wheat.  Read more about reintroduction here!

reintroduction ladder-milk-dr trill-free
reintroduction ladder-soy-dr trill-free
reintroduction ladder-wheat-dr trill-fre
reintroduction ladder-egg-dr trill-free

 Keep an eye out for any possible reactions and consider having an epi-pen on hand in case of an emergency.

dr trill-free to feed-breastfeeding-baby-infant-breastmilk-parent-mom-mother-mum-mommy-col
dr trill-free to feed-breastfeeding-baby-infant-breastmilk-parent-mom-mother-mum-mommy-col
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