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Provisional Patent filed May 2019 


Our Mission 

Free to Feed™ is a medical technology company dedicated to finding solutions for parents of food reactive infants. We have designed an allergen test that identifies various food proteins in breast milk, allowing lactating families the opportunity to determine what is eliciting a response in the infant.  Free to Feed™ aims to offer parents a solution other than blindly trialing elimination diets or switching to hypoallergenic formula.  Our product will be an alternative and complementary option to understand what allergens may be present in their breast milk at the time of feeding. 


Free to Feed™ Food Allergen Test Kit: Be Free to Feed 


Educate - Maximize infant food allergy research for families, physicians, lactation professionals, and lactation companies thereby contributing to the landscape of patient-driven pediatric care.  Free to Feed™ patent-pending technology identifies which allergen food proteins are present in breast milk at any given time. With this knowledge, mothers will be able to identify the culprit and take steps to either remove this food group or wait for the protein to clear the breast milk before feeding again. Through timely breastfeeding or pumping, exposure to the offending protein will be eliminated, alleviating symptoms and empowering mothers to eat more freely.  


Inspire – Highly restrictive elimination diets for new mothers are at best inconvenient and at worst depressing and debilitating. It is yet another obstacle to scale in the wake of navigating sleepless nights, post-partum hormones, birth recovery, and common breastfeeding issues.  Currently, the inability to accurately diagnose infant intolerance and effectively determine exposure by way of human milk leads to a singular approach of formula feeding when that may not be in the family’s best interest or wishes. 


Empower – Free to Feed™ will allow parents to have accurate allergen exposure information to share with medical professionals to support the ongoing nutritional benefits of breastfeeding.  We aim to arm parents with the knowledge necessary to address these concerns and empower women to reach their breastfeeding goals. 

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