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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drink coffee?

Yes! Coffee is not a common infant sensitivity. Read more about it here.

What can I put in my coffee?

Recommend a coconut milk without additives such as this or this.  Another alternative option is banana milk.

Is coconut considered a tree nut?

Coconut is technically a fruit or a drupe and is not a common infant sensitivity. For our purposes it is considered safe. Track it in your log like all other foods in case it is an outlier.

What is a legume?

Common legumes are peas, chickpeas, green beans, beans, and lentils. In processed foods they often go by the name "_______ gum". Read more about legumes here.

Safe turkey options without rosemary extract derived from soy?

Wild Fork

Nature's Ranger (Extract Derived from Sunflower)

Applegate (Extract Derived from CO2)

What if I accidentally consume an eliminated food?

Mistakes happen! You are doing great! Annotate it in your log and we will take it into account at the end of your five days. You do not need to start all over unless you experience a large reaction and need to wait for the reaction to subside for a few days.

Do I need to strictly avoid all derivates of these foods?

Yes, our goal is to completely eliminate these foods for a short period. This means as many derivatives as possible. 

What about "may contain" or "made in same facility/equipment" labeled foods?

May contain = avoid

Made in same facility or on same equipment = safe to consume

The main differences between these labeling standards is often the level of cleaning and batch testing done after the declared allergen is ran on that equipment.

Alcoholic beverages?

Unfortunately a lot of alcohol utilizes processing additives such as cow's milk or corn.  Additionally, they are not regulated by the FDA so they are not beholden to any allergen labeling standards.  We recommend avoiding alcohol during your elimination period if possible.  We are working on vetting a few wineries to see if there are some safe options we can comfortably recommend.

What do I do after my elimination period is over?

Schedule your follow up consultation here!

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