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Join Free to Feed for an impactful course on feeding and reactivity in early childhood!  This team of scientists & medical professionals are on a mission to empower parents to reach their feeding goals.  Learn the latest science behind immunological disorders,reaction triggers, elimination diets, introduction strategies, supportive resources, and so much more from peer-reviewed publications in an easily-digestible format.  


Course Description

Day One: Dr. Trill Paullin, PhD

  • Identifying Food Reactivity in Children
  • Triggering Components in Human Milk & Formula 


Day Two: Dr. Trill Paullin, PhD

  • Elimination & Introduction Strategies
  • Finding & Facilitating Support


Day Three: Free to Feed Experts Panel

  • Dr. Monica Taylor, MD - Communicating Your Needs
  • Dr. LaChiana Hamilton, PNP - Bugs & Boobs
  • Annie Dick, RN - Pump It Up
  • Taylor Silver, RDN - Eating for Two
  • Christsenio Dean, RN, CLE - When It's Not Food

Navigating Food Reactivity for Professionals Masterclass

SKU: 120021
  • No refund offered after course content has been sent.  

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