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Introducing our new Allergy Alert Insulated Lunch Bag – the ultimate companion for individuals with food allergies. This thoughtfully designed lunch bag ensures safety, convenience, and style for both children and adults.


Key Features:


  1. Food Allergy Safety: Safety is your top priority when living with food allergies. Each lunch bag comes equipped with a clear pouch to securely hold an emergency contact card, providing peace of mind in case of unexpected allergen exposure. The exterior of the bag features a prominent ‘Allergy Alert’ message, specifically designed for young children dining away from home and their vigilant parents, like at school.
  2. Emergency Contact Cards: You’ll receive five blank emergency contact cards, allowing you to customize the information to your specific needs, and ensuring quick access to vital information during emergencies.
  3. Perfect Size: Measuring at 9" W x 14" H x 7" D, this lunch bag strikes the ideal balance between compactness and capacity, making it perfect for daily lunches, snacks, or even as a candy bag for children during Halloween.
  4. Insulated Protection: Keep your allergy-safe meals fresh and at the right temperature with our high-quality insulation. Say goodbye to concerns about allergen contamination while enjoying your meals on the go.
  5. Structured Base: The lunch bag features a structured base to help it stand upright, making it easy to access your food items, avoiding spills and messes.
  6. Expansive Pockets: Enjoy ample storage with expandable pockets on both sides. One side features a breathable mesh pocket, while the other side boasts a matching teal fabric pocket, providing versatile storage options for your convenience. When we say expansive we mean it, for example each side pocket can accommodate a large 40 oz. Stanely cup.
  7. Official Food Allergy Color: The vibrant teal color of our lunch bag is the official color representing food allergies. It not only makes a statement, but also promotes awareness and inclusivity.


Upgrade your lunchtime routine and safeguard your well-being with our Allergy Alert Insulated Lunch Bag. Whether you're a parent packing for a child, or an adult managing food allergies, this bag is the perfect choice. Stay prepared, stay safe, and make a bold statement with our food allergy awareness lunch bag.


Available in the US and Canada only.

Allergy Alert Insulated Lunch Bag

SKU: 120029
  • Return product within 30 days for full refund.

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