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If It's Not Food Allergies, Then What Is It?

Babies can be confusing... 🧐

There are many infant symptoms that closely mimic food reactivity symptoms. We are going to dive into the most common symptoms, and my recommendation on how to best resolve each!

One of the first things I recommend after ruling out food allergies, is to do a Microbiome test on baby's stool. The first 1,000 days of life are most critical to shifting the health of our GI tract and the plethora of systems that it impacts. I recommend using Tiny Health, use my code DRTRILL20 for 20% off your order. You send in baby's stool sample, and receive a personalized and medically-reviewed action plan specific to your unique test results.

Lactation Challenges

Oversupply can cause baby to swallow excessive air. Extra bubbles can lead to more reflux, tummy pain, gas, & stool appearance. Fast letdown can also cause gagging and pulling off the breast much like a feeding aversion.⁣

👩🏻‍🔬 Dr. Trill's Recommendation: See an IBCLC!⁣ You can schedule a 1:1 consultation with a Free to Feed IBCLC here.

Environmental Triggers

Rash & eczema can be related to food and/or environmental triggers. In a 2008 study, the percentage of diagnosed infants with food-related problems correlated to rash/eczema was 28%, 42%, & 54% for infants under 4, 5-9, & 10-12 months old, respectively. A large portion of the remaining infants were found to be related to environmental triggers. These environmental triggers, especially those which are airborne, can also lead to congestion. ⁣

👩🏻‍🔬 Dr. Trill's Recommendation: Check your detergents, soaps, & lotions for irritants such as unnecessary dyes & fragrances before you cut foods!⁣ If you are looking for a clean detergent and dish soap, I love Branch Basics Concentrate - you mix this powerful solution with water to make cleaning sprays, detergent, and soaps. Another great recommendation is Eco Chic Movement for non-toxic skincare products. Use my code freetofeed for 15% off!

Physical Hindrance

Lip, cheek, and tongue ties in baby can cause excessive air swallowing & feeding aversions. Body tension may impact feeding ability & digestion, leading to constipation & bloody stool after baby has pushed too hard. Physical issues can impact many aspects of baby’s life.⁣

👩🏻‍🔬 Dr. Trill's Recommendation: See an IBCLC & a local Physical Therapist or Chiropractor for body work on baby.⁣ You can schedule a 1:1 consultation with a Free to Feed IBCLC here. Alternatively, you can deep dive into this topic and at-home exercises with Little Movers "Babies, Bellies, and Bubbles" course.


Cutting teeth often leads to massive drooling which can impact mucus in stool as well as rashes, especially on baby’s face, neck, & chest. ⁣

👩🏻‍🔬 Dr. Trill's Recommendation: Check for new teeth!⁣ Look our for red swollen gums, and little white teeth breaking through the gums.


The other side of this issue is that because so many things CAN impact these symptoms, many times parents concerns are dismissed. Did you know that 19-35% of parents report food allergies while only 2-8% are diagnosed? That is largely because diagnosis occurs via food challenge & most infants don’t have the ability to just eat an egg in the doctors office! What we are left with is a massive gap between what is happening in our homes & what we believe in the doctors office.⁣

This is why an at-home breastmilk allergen test strip is critical.⁣ Join the waitlist for our newest product: breastmilk allergen test strips, coming soon! Our patented technology uses less than a tablespoon of milk and provides accurate results within minutes. Empowering parents to continue breastfeeding through child food reactivity.

You are not alone!

Regardless of where you are in your journey, whether you have confirmed infant food allergies or not, our Free to Feed experts can provide guidance, support, and a customized plan forward to resolve your baby's symptoms.

Schedule a 1:1 consultation today, and let's get to the bottom of baby's symptoms together.

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