5 Major Benefits of Working with a Lactation Consultant

Believe it or not, sometimes we talk about topics other than infant food allergies! Here at Free to Feed, we’re about empowering families and women who want to keep breastfeeding their food allergy babies. While we know the ins and outs of baby food allergies — we believe lactation consultants (LC) play a critical role in breastfeeding success.

Breastfeeding your baby is a personal choice that we truly understand. We get the desire to have a good experience during this special time. We can help with the food allergy part and we aren’t shy about talking up the serious value of lactation consultants.

LC’s have in-depth training that helps you and your baby during this time. Guiding you with their knowledgeable power and support that only comes from passionate people wanting to help mothers and their babies. Their mission is to make sure you have a good breastfeeding experience and get to the bottom of any issues you may be having that are making it harder.

All of their training is geared towards making your breastfeeding experience better and how you want it. We believe the lack of support surrounding breastfeeding is another issue that could be improved. We’re happy to share resources for this type of support — and it starts with a lactation consultant.

We recommend working with international board-certified lactation consultants (IBCLC). These professionals have strict education requirements — including 90 hours of training and between 300-1,000 hours of clinical experience. That’s a lot of boobs and babies, people!

Today, we’ll be looking at 5 major benefits of working with a lactation consultant. And this is only touching the surface of all the value a LC can bring to your breastfeeding journey.

1. Different Nursing Positions Can Make Breastfeeding Easier

We mamas are creative when it comes to breastfeeding, so you can find a ton of different nursing positions to try. Some work better than others, so it's important to spice it up with variety and see what positions you love. Whether you’re a first-time mom or a seasoned one, figuring out the best position to feed your baby can feel tricky. Every baby’s different, especially when your little one’s wrestling with food allergy discomfort.

Will the standard cradle hold work, or does that position send searing pain into your stomach because of the C-section? Do you need to modify your positioning for improved comfort? Remember, you matter in all this and you’re doing a lot of work.

If you’ve been blessed with more than one baby at once, your twins or multiples are literally a handful to breastfeed. If you’re trying to trade between feedings, you’re spending twice the amount of work and time! LC’s educate and support you in feeding both babies at the same time. You learn how to manage your supply when feeding more than one baby.

Imagine solving your breastfeeding issues with a position that works!

2. Let’s Talk About That Latch While Breastfeeding Your Baby

If only breastfeeding was as simple as the baby latching onto your boob, right? Geesshh. The number of problems that can come from babies being unable to latch properly is all the more reason to consider hiring a lactation consultant.

Baby’s can have trouble latching for many reasons including: