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The Free to Feed™ Team

Welcomes Erica


FPIES-Expert & Spanish-Speaking Consultant! 

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3 things to know about Erica right away:

  1. Her second son was diagnosed with FPIES at 3 weeks old… 7 years ago. She’s a pro at infant food allergies, and breastfed him for almost 3 years (amazing).

  2. On an elimination diet, her go-to meal is chicken patties with broccoli. When she’s free to eat whatever? Enchiladas and pasta any day of the week.

  3. She wants to help your family get fast results — and backs it up with medical experience!


Erica guides and educates parents with incredible compassion because she’s been where you are. She’s excited to be a part of the Free to Feed family and share her knowledge with our community. She believes you can have a happy, healthy baby — despite food allergies!


As our team grows, so does our ability to serve you better.  Free to Feed delivers quick answers to benefit your food allergy child and journey as a family. You’re with friends and passionate experts here.

Erica Rodriguez, RN 

Erica’s Biggest Drive: Supporting & Educating Families


One of Erica’s specialties is food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome (FPIES) babies — after 7 years of personal experience with her son and immense education in the medical field. She teaches alongside Dr. Trill in our MasterClass for food allergy parents.


She can talk about Disneyland for hours or binge Harry Potter at the drop of a hat — and — that same day, share deeply about bringing awareness to the medical community for infant food allergies. Even though not all food allergies need an epi-pen, she understands constant reactions from food sensitivities need to be taken seriously. 


Erica couldn’t be more eager to specifically help our Hispanic families. Both her parents are from Mexico and Spanish is her first language. This allows Free to Feed to reach more families struggling with infant food allergies with Erica as a valuable resource.


Baby food allergies affect all walks of life and we’re proud to offer consults to our Hispanic babies and families. So long communication barrier —Erica is ready to serve your family!

¿Como puedo servirle?


Erica wanted to make a bigger difference, not only in the Hispanic community but everywhere. She learned about Dr. Trill in her own search for ways to help families dealing with baby food allergies. Even though her breastfeeding days were long behind her, supporting parents and spreading awareness never will be. We know you’ll feel her compassion the moment you meet her on a consultation! She deeply loves advocacy and education, and we’re honored she’s on our team.

Erica’s Best Advice? 

  1. Trust your gut. You know your baby – and it’s okay to get a second opinion, if you want one.

  2. Have a support outlet other than your spouse…for real!


Feel empowered to give family or friends tough love if they don’t understand your baby's food allergies. At the end of the day, the health of your child always comes first.

Erica’s Education Benefits Our Food Allergy Families


Erica brings over 4 years of experience as a registered nurse, and even taught FPIES to undergrads in college! She’s so passionate about infant food allergies and determined to support food allergy babies get the help they need faster.


Her personal experience as a mother and nurse, led her to pursue becoming a family nurse practitioner (graduating this summer!). While working with the Free to Feed team, Erica continues to bring valuable knowledge to this needed space while helping families like yours.


Erica’s exceptional education experience includes:


  • Associate of Nursing degree (Mt. San Antonio College)

  • Bachelor of Arts degree in science, technology, and medicine (California State University, Los Angeles)

  • Master of Science Nursing degree in education (California State University, San Bernardino) 

  • Master of Science Nursing degree in population health (California State University, San Bernardino)

  • Family Nurse Practitioner (Western University)

Erica brings vital medical experience and education to parents to empower them. Erica knows what it’s like to walk through this journey, feeling alone and scared of every food decision you make. You won’t have to feel this way with Erica’s knowledge and support behind you.

Her Food Allergy Experience Supports Your Family’s Journey


Our food allergy team requires distinct capabilities and a sincere commitment to helping families like yours. It truly takes a special person and honestly — someone who’s been through it — to really get it. If you haven’t noticed, each person we add to our team has their own food allergy journey. (We swear it’s not a requirement… But we do love how it keeps working out that way!)


Erica and her husband of ten years have two beautiful boys together, 8-year-old Santiago and 7-year-old Emiliano. Santiago had no food allergies or issues as a baby. Their food allergy journey started within Emiliano’s first week of life. He struggled with severe vomiting, and they took him to the doctor because his abdomen looked swollen. 


She was told, “Babies spit up..” 


Is any other parent tired of hearing this? We FEEL you!


When he didn’t get better, more tests were done. It was determined he might have malrotation, a congenital condition that causes problems with the intestines’ normal function.

At 21 days old, Emiliano was rushed to emergency surgery and opened up.


The doctors didn’t find malrotation… but they found severe inflammation of his intestines. He had so much inflammation, it moved his organs around. (Yes, our hearts broke the first time we heard this story too.)


Emiliano had food allergies, specifically FPIES. 


Erica experienced what many mothers do: extreme guilt. She caused harm to her baby without knowing it. We wish this wasn’t part of so many stories, but our entire community understands this part. You are not alone!


Her family did get lucky with a supportive medical provider who honored her desire to continue breastfeeding – something most parents don’t experience. She was advised to start an elimination diet. 


The problem? She stayed on it for almost 3 yearsthe entire time breastfeeding Emiliano. 


She wants your story to be different. You and your sweet little one don’t have to needlessly suffer. With our community and consultations, you nail down the right triggers so you can get important food back into your diet.

Erica’s been through the trenches, and she’s ready to serve your family!

Get Answers.

Get Empowered.

See Results!

We’re excited about the serious dedication and support Erica brings to our food allergy families. Our growing team is here to SERVE YOU.

Book a Consult with Erica Today!


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