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Dr. LaChiana Hamilton

“I am a wife, mother of 2, and service is my love language.  I love people and medicine. The combination of these entities makes Free to Feed the perfect environment for me.  I have a heart for children; I think that is by design.  As a mother that struggled with breastfeeding, I fully understand the emotional strain of wanting to provide a healthy meal for your child.  I understand that many of life’s challenges can be solved by sharing our stories and mingling together in a common space where we can find solutions.”

Dr. Trill and the entire Free to Feed™ team warmly welcomes Dr. LaChiana Hamilton — and we couldn’t be more excited! 

From supporting Dr. Trill for years, to creating the new Free to Feed™ platform, Dr. LaChiana continues her mission of supporting children with us and your family.

While Dr. Trill continues working hard to bring food-allergy parents the latest technology in breastmilk test strips, Dr. LaChiana will guide parents with the same empathy. An experienced Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Dr. LaChiana’s seen and heard it all. She brings all that passion to our Free to Feed families!


As Free to Feed™ continues to grow and build this much-needed community, Dr. LaChiana, and Dr. Trill partner to work with you and your family. This powerhouse team provides fast solutions to help your food allergy child.

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Dr. LaChiana Hamilton

Her Greatest Passion: Helping Children and Serving Families


Dr. LaChiana brings over 5 years of active experience as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner to her role at Free to Feed™. She specifically serves socioeconomically disadvantaged children, often grossly underserved, to ensure they receive the best medical care. 

Children are her life’s mission — and her heart’s one of the biggest reasons we know your family will love her.


She’s the type of person who, because she enjoys sewing in her spare time, sewed and donated over 1,000 masks during the pandemic. Her playful attitude transfers over into exercising with a jump rope (yes, jumping rope!) and her Peloton bike. Her family loves creating with their new 3-D printer, and Dr. LaChiana even got a new soap dish out of it.


She brings great energy to her work, and we know you’ll feel it when you interact with her. Dr. LaChiana provides an extensive medical expertise working with kids that compliments Dr. Trill’s many experiences with parents over the years. She provides a strong leadership background from military service that will help us continue to grow Free to Feed.


Dr. LaChiana's been rooting for Dr. Trill since they met in Florida to receive their individual Pat Tillman Scholarships in 2014. An avid cheerleader of Dr. Trill for years, she says, “I’m in her corner.” And now — thankfully for all of us — she’s on our team!


We know Dr. LaChiana will bring empathy and compassion to every family she works with and the Free To Feed™ platform as a whole. She’ll add her healthcare expertise to our Free to Feed space — which exists because of the lack of resources surrounding infant food allergies.


Dr. LaChiana’s Background & Education Serves Our Free to Feed™ Mission


As a medical technology company empowering parents of food allergy kids, we provide essential support and education for thriving, not just surviving. Our leadership team requires specific qualifications and passionate dedication to helping families like yours.


Dr. LaChiana’s impressive education and experience includes:


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Biology (Mercer University)

  • Master of Human Resource Management degree (Webster University)

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (University of South Florida)

  • Master of Science degree in Nursing (University of South Florida)

  • Doctor of Nursing Practice (University of South Florida)

  • Army Officer  with over 11 years of military service


While Dr. Trill, the scientist behind Free to Feed, brings parents all the newest technology in the food allergy world, Dr. LaChiana brings valuable medical knowledge and patient care experience to the most important people — children.


At a young age, Dr. LaChiana knew that working with children was her calling. She wasn’t sure the path she would take until a profound event changed her life.


Both Dr. LaChiana and her husband served in the United States Army.  Dr. LaChiana decided to start her family after a deployment to Iraq.  Shortly after his birth, she found out that he required open-heart surgery. To further complicate things, he was also diagnosed with a milk protein allergy.  


At 5 months old, their son had successful heart surgery while they were stationed in Germany. It became clear that she needed to leave the Army, after serving 11+ years, to care for her child.

Imagine the compassion and care you’re looking for when you talk to someone about your food allergy baby.


Dr. LaChiana brings THAT to the Free to Feed community. As a mother with her own infant allergy journey, she pairs deep empathy with her expertise in the medical field and her mission to help other children receive quality care.


The intense experience with her son inspired her to become a nurse practitioner. After her baby received outstanding medical care, she knew she wanted to help other families with heartfelt compassion and strong commitment to service.


Dr. LaChiana played a large role in creating the Free to Feed™ subscription plan by utilizing her years of personal and professional expertise. This vital partnership allows Dr. Trill to educate families with impactful videos and continue providing valuable information on specific food allergies. We couldn’t be more excited to offer this new service to you, our food-allergy families.


Learn More About Our Free to Feed™ Subscriptions plan!


Get all the resources and support you need — in one place! We created the our new Free to Feed™ tailored products with you in mind. Dr. LaChiana’s years of experience in healthcare and medical records supports this easy-to-use, information-packed resource.

A place you’ll feel heard and understood. 

A place to get your questions answered. 

A place to give you confidence to continue breastfeeding your baby with food allergies.


Dr. LaChiana is in your corner and excited to help your family!  

dr lachiana hamilton-free to feed-milk-b


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