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Book a Consultation with an Allergy Expert!

How Does it Work?

We understand navigating infant food allergies is challenging, overwhelming, and just plain tough. Our Allergy Experts have directly guided 5,000+ parents to successfully resolve their infant food allergy symptoms, and reach their feeding goals, and we can help you too.

Book a consultation with a Free to Feed expert of your choice (our most popular is a 30 minute). Many of our experts specialize in certain topics, or speak additional languages, so you can choose your best fit by browsing our complete consultant list below. Rest assured, all of our experts are thoroughly trained and equipped to help you resolve your challenges as quickly as possible.

Choose an Allergy Expert

jennifer black.jpg

Jennifer Black, ICBLC

christsenio dean.jpg

Christsenio Dean, RN, CLE

annie dick.jpg

Annie Dick, RN

shoshana ehrenreich.jpg

Shoshana Ehrenreich, RDN, CLC

hannah hill.jpg

Hannah Hill, RN, IBCLC

taylor silver.jpg

Taylor Silver, RDN, ICBLC

monica taylor.jpg

Dr. Monica Taylor, MD

Are Consultations Right For You?


​Consultations are a perfect next step if you can relate to any of the below:

​✔️ Your baby is experiencing discomfort by exhibiting one or more of these symptoms: diarrhea, bloody stool, excessively mucous stool, constipation, rash, sleep challenges, acid reflux, vomiting, or general inconsolability. 


✔️ You suspect your baby might be reacting to something in your diet (if breastfeeding) or an ingredient in your formula, and are looking for professional support to identify the culprit(s). 


✔️ You've been given the option to give your baby medicine, but you'd prefer to resolve the root cause, rather than simply treat the symptoms.


✔️ You find yourself googling for answers, but that's resulted in little to no value, and you have low confidence in the information you've come across so far. 


​✔️ You want to resolve your baby's symptoms, reduce their discomfort, and reach your feeding goals, as quickly as possible, but are feeling discouraged and stressed by the challenges you and your baby are facing.


✔️ You are seeking guidance from experts who understand the challenges you're experiencing (because we've been there with our own children), and are equipped to help you!

Science-Backed Guidance to Resolve Your Baby's Symptoms, and Reach Your Feeding Goals

To Navigate Infant Food Allergies, You Need a Proven Plan & Expert Guidance


Most parents struggle to resolve their baby’s food reactivity symptoms & reach their feeding goals because…

❌ They don’t have a proven plan to follow.

❌ They don't have access to credentialed allergy experts.

❌ They lack the latest science-backed data about infant food allergies.

❌ No one has guided them with helpful resources for how to navigate their specific situation.

❌ They don’t have a community of fellow infant food allergy parents to lean on.

What to Expect?

After you book with one of our expert consultants, you'll be prompted to enter your information. It's here we invite you to share your experience and current challenges. We don’t want you to feel rushed, so please share as much specific information as possible about your journey so far. The more info we have, the better we can serve you, and the faster you will see results.


Things to share ahead of your consultation:

  • Your child's age and symptoms​

  • How long you've noticed reactions

  • What you've done so far (diet changes, creams, allergy-testing, etc)

  • Your feeding goals

  • What your child's medical team recommends

  • How your mental and physical health are doing

This is a general, science-based education consult tailored to your journey and is not meant to replace standard medical care or treatment advice. The session may be shadowed by a Free to Feed™ employee trainee.

Join Thousands of Happy Parents with Thriving Babies

Asset 65_4x-8.png


Free to Feed is literally a LIFE SAVER. If your child has food allergies, you need this in your life. From providing educational resources in a way you can understand to connecting you with a community, it's the first time I don't feel alone and lost. The most valuable part to me is having a community of Drs and Specialists that are certified and actually knowledgeable in this space. Finally gives food allergy parents hope.

Asset 65_4x-8.png


I had been working for months to pinpoint food allergies in my baby on my own, and within 5 days of my consult with Free to Feed we had successfully reached baseline and began to pinpoint allergens. Thank you so much to this extremely knowledgeable team, and thank you to Dr. Trill for making Free to Feed a reality. I would be lost without you!

Asset 65_4x-8.png


We saw professional after professional and I just kept hearing “we’re stumped” until I booked a 1-1 consult with Dr. Trill. She was able to help us dig into what was going on and create a clear action plan to help us figure out what is causing my little guy’s issues.

Asset 65_4x-8.png


We scheduled a one on one consult and were provided with exceptional support, education and encouragement. We were able to identify my son’s triggers, eliminate the foods causing issues and successfully breastfeed. This has been invaluable to my family and has completely changed my baby’s temperament and health. I will be forever grateful to the Free to Feed team and their dedication to helping families!!!


  1. What if I don't see a time that works for me? Email us at

  2. What if I don't receive a video link? You should receive an email from our platform immediately after scheduling. If not, there may be an email typo or other technical issue. Please email us at as soon as possible so we can ensure you are correctly set up for your consult!

  3. Q: Do you help families outside the US? Absolutely, our consultations are available globally in English, Spanish (Genesis, Interpreter), and Arabic (Dana)! If you’re looking to speak Spanish during your appointment, book with Genesis and a Free to Feed Allergy Expert will join the appointment. If you’re looking to speak Arabic, please book directly with Dana.

  4. What if my baby doesn't have food allergies? Our consultants are knowledgeable well beyond infant food allergies. They have years of experience with babies in other pertinent fields like lactation, pediatrics, nurses, dietitians - only making our consults more powerful to your feeding journey.

  5. Do you help families outside the US? Absolutely, our consultations are available globally in English, Spanish (Erica), and Arabic (Dana)!

  6. What if I have more questions after my consult? It is very likely you will have questions after a consult! For that reason, you will be linked to your expert through direct messaging in our platform. This allows you to ask those quick questions along the way, however we recommend scheduling a personal consultation for anything above and beyond that!

  7. Can I use my HSA for payment? Yes, our services are HSA eligible expenses. 

  8. Where can I learn more about the Free to Feed team? Learn more about our team here!

Resolve Your Baby's Symptoms.

Reach Your Feeding Goals.

Imagine having the knowledge to confidently resolve your baby's discomfort, without compromising your feeding goals.

Questions? Email us at We're here to support you!

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