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when Breastfeeding Isn't an Option

There are several reasons why breastfeeding may not be the right course for you and your little.  Whether supplementing or using only formula, it is vital to know what options are available.  Luckily, scientists have developed hypoallergenic formula for those with food sensitivities.  Below are specialized formulas created to address babe’s individual needs.  For children with severe protein allergen reactions, amino-acid based formulas are typically recommended.  This means that the full-sized protein molecules are broken down into their building blocks, amino acids, for easier digestion.  Amino acid-based formulas are a step above protein hydrolysate formulas which can be used for children with less severe symptoms.

Here is a breakdown of some of the currently available formulas:


*Single can prices taken from Amazon in July 2018 (provided price/ounce because can sizes vary)


Problems you may face with any of these formulas:
- Taste and smell awful, some babies will not take these formulas
- Causes poor smelling spit-up and bowel movements (more than usual)
- Difficult to mix thoroughly
- Comparatively very thin consistency
- Expensive

dr trill-free to feed-breastfeeding-baby-infant-breastmilk-parent-mom-mother-mum-mommy-col
dr trill-free to feed-breastfeeding-baby-infant-breastmilk-parent-mom-mother-mum-mommy-col
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