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Free to Feed™ has received an outpouring of gratitude for the services we provide.  This has been matched with parental request to gift these services to other parents that are facing similar challenges related to food allergens and breastmilk.  We have met your request by establishing pay-it-forward “scholarship gifting” campaign. Now, Freedom Parents can gift Free To Feed™ services to other parents that are breastfeeding littles with food allergies.  You know, first hand, how difficult this journey can be, and we are excited in your desire to share the gift of Freedom to Feed.  Thank you for believing in our brand, believing in our mission, and believing in is.  Our brand is our promise to food allergy families and supporters.  We are excited that you desire to join us in continuing to bring this promise to the community.

Free to Feed™ is now using  Get Healthie, an Electronic Healthcare Record “Light” system, to deliver our consultation services and bring this new scholarship program to you.


Please use the following information in Get Healthie to purchase a Scholarship. A Get Healthie account has been established to manage scholarships orders and scholarship recipient gifts.  When a scholarship is purchased, the purchase will be attached to the Get Healthie Scholarship account.  Free to Feed™ will also receive an email at notifying our Scholarship team that a scholarship has been awarded.  


Please use the following information to order the scholarship:

First Name:  Breast

Last Name:  Friend

Email address:


Your scholarship gift will be matched to a scholarship applicant within 6-months of your gift purchase.  If we are unable to find an applicant in 6-months, your gift will be refunded at full price. 


Potential scholarship applicants must complete an online scholarship application at:



To purchase a scholarship, please click below:

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