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Introducing Free to Feed’s First Allergen Friendly Multivitamin - Minus the Pesky "Hidden" Sources!

Free to Feed (Dr. Trill and her small — but mighty team) are pioneers in the field of baby food allergies and medical technology. We’re SO happy to offer this exciting new product to the families we serve!

We know the struggle a strict diet brings. The concerns you feel about providing a safe, steady milk supply for your food allergy baby can be exhausting. Time and time again, Dr. Trill and her team hear the struggles families face when they are not able to find an allergy-free vitamin while on an elimination diet. We heard you!

We’re so happy to offer the first, delicious, top 11 infant allergen-free multivitamin puree to lactating parents on elimination diets.

Making your journey any bit easier motivates us every day, and we know how exciting it feels to scratch ‘find safe vitamins’ off your "to-do" list. Free to Feed provides your family with education and guidance to successfully breastfeed your food allergy baby, introduce solids, reintroduce a food that is possible allergens, and much more.

We’re so glad you’re here. Today we’re going to look at the nutritional information for our allergy-free multivitamins, why it’s important to a breastfeeding parent, and how to get them. Stick around till the end, because we’re also spilling some cool news!

Valuable Nutritional Info for Our Allergy-Free Multivitamin: What’s Inside?

When you’re on an elimination diet for your food allergy baby, it’s important to get the vitamins and nutrients your body needs for your overall health and milk supply. Having a safe AND delicious vitamin brings a welcome change from all your other food restrictions.

Our multivitamin puree comes in two fruity flavors: Tropical Blend and Apple Spice. And yes, we put them into pouches so you can just grab a pouch and go! You know that you’ve tried — and liked! — some of those mashed food pouches!)

So why pouches?

  1. Many capsules and pills contain top allergen ingredients — no thanks.

  2. You’re already deprived of so much as a breastfeeding parent on an elimination diet. We want you to look forward to something delicious (and good) for YOU every day.

  3. As a fruit puree, your body easily and effectively absorbs all the nutrients!

Nutritional Information:

Did you notice we base the % daily value on levels for a lactating (or pregnant) woman? Your needs and requirements change for breastfeeding, and especially on a limited diet. Removing so many different categories from your diet severely restricts your nutrient intake, for you and your baby.

Sucking down our vitamins will ensure you get the key nutrients you need as a breastfeeding individual — every day!

You know we love science here at Free to Feed — and we’re geeking out to produce synthetic vitamins for breastfeeding parents! Many “natural” vitamins contain the top infant food allergies. Our vitamins provide comparable bioavailability, meaning the amount of nutrients entering your system is similar to natural sources of vitamins and minerals. You can read more on bioavailability here.

Isn’t it nice when something so necessary is this easy!

What you WON’T find in either allergy-free multivitamin flavors:

  • Cow’s milk⁣

  • Soy⁣

  • Wheat⁣

  • Egg⁣

  • Rice⁣

  • Legumes⁣

  • Tree Nuts⁣

  • Peanuts ⁣

  • Chicken⁣

  • Beef ⁣

  • Oats⁣

You may notice “corn” missing from that list. We got really close to creating a vitamin without any of the top 12 infant food allergies. In the end, corn derivatives made it in because maltodextrin and xanthan gum utilize corn in processing.

We tested corn extensively using mass spec and didn’t find any corn proteins or protein fragments in the actual vitamin. And many corn-sensitive families have been able to enjoy our vitamin without reactions!

11 out of 12 is pretty darn good, but we understand this prevents some parents from safely taking our vitamin supplements.

Please take sensitivity levels and reactivity to non-protein corn derivatives into consideration when determining if this vitamin is best for you. (Read more in our example with soy and “hidden soy” sensitivities here.)

Elimination Diets Take a Toll on Your Health as a Breastfeeding Parent and as Parents in General