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(Meet Danielle)

Registered Dietitian, Food Allergy Warrior & Educator

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Danielle DeChillis, RDN

Danielle DeChillis, a Registered Dietitian, wife, mother, women's health advocate, pregnancy nutrition guru, and Florida native.  She brings passion and dedication to our team of dedicated breastfeeding and food allergy professionals.   Her focus has always been to help individuals achieve their wellness goals through a wholesome diet and lifestyle adjustments. Danielle holds certifications in pregnancy nutrition and diabetes education, and she specializes in guiding individuals through various life stages, from fertility to postpartum, healthful aging, weight management, and beyond.

How Danielle’s history as an RDN Led to Supporting Families With Feeding Challenges


Danielle always wanted to work with mothers and babies.  At the start of her career, she spent a lengthy amount of time in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Working in this environment helped her fine tune her experience and expertise in the nutritional requirements of preterm infants and for those needing round-the-clock support.  In this role, she also made recommendations for feeding infants that could not tolerate oral feeds, were at risk for nutritional deficiencies, or that needed on-going support to optimize their growth and development.  


Danielle is a RD who has worn many hats, or shall we say, feeding crowns! One of the crowns was earned after working 8 years as clinical nutrition specialist and outpatient wellness dietitian at a level one trauma center.  She added another “crown” during her work as a retail dietitian working in grocery stores where she provided counseling, tours, and recipe demonstrations. She knows of all the “goodness” in the grocery store and she knows which isles to find appropriate “foods” to ensure nutritional needs are met .


Over the years, Danielle has gained an in-depth knowledge of diverse health complications and the vital role nutrition plays in our overall well being.

How Danielle’s history Led to Supporting Families of Food Allergy Infants


In 2023, Danielle welcomed her baby boy into the world.  With her nutrition knowledge, she felt prepared and confident about starting the journey of breastfeeding and nurturing her baby. Things were going well in the beginning. About one month into her feeding journey, she noticed that her son was constantly fussy,  and uncomfortable.  To further compound things, breastfeeding was becoming more difficult.  Danielle felt helpless, and like others, didn’t know what to do or who to turn to for help.   In search of a solution, she reached out to a food allergy trained lactation consultant.  During the consultation, they discussed common signs and symptoms of food allergy/intolerance to include mucus and blood in her son’s stool, and skin rashes.  Could this really be that simple?  After her Free To Feed consult,  she began an elimination diet and was successfully able to identify the allergens, all while continuing to exclusively breastfeed. During her elimination journey, Danielle utilized her nutrition education and found creative ways to ensure she was meeting her nutrient needs, for both her and baby. She realized that she wanted to offer her nutritional expertise to other mom’s with similar circumstances.  


As a food allergy parent, Danielle understands first-hand what it is like to feel helpless and unsure of where to turn for help!  What better way to reach thousands of parents and offer support.  So, she decided to join the Free to Feed community as an Allergy Specialist. She wanted to help others experiencing similar situations, to be their advocate, cheerleader, and education resource. 


Food Allergy education coupled with her nutrition knowledge means the ability to provide radical and promising solutions to assist  parents navigate their food allergy journey while avoiding nutrient gaps/deficits. 


Looking for an infant feeding specialist to help you navigate your child’s nutritional requirements?

Stressed about feeding solutions that are nutritional sound and delicious?

Overwhelmed about decreases in your weight gain percentile?

Perplexed about ensuring you and your child obtain the appropriate level of vitamins and nutrients during elimination and reintroduction?


We understand and we have solutions that are nutritionally sound!


As a former NICU infant dietitian and food allergy parent, Danielle understands your struggles and heartaches

Here’s what you can expect to receive from Danielle at Free to Feed!

I commit to…

  • Being a nutritional knowledge power house and helping families find solutions

  • Empowering parents during their feeding journey

  • Spreading the word that Free To Feed is here to offer parents solutions to feeding their food allergy infant 

  • Helping parents get to baseline through evidence based solutions

  • Re-educating parents that have been “misinformed” about food allergies and breastfeeding. 


Danielle is highly credentialed, and has expertise in her field. Her credentials includes:

  • Registered Dietitian


5 Fun facts about Danielle and her family:

1.  Danielle has lived in 4 different states from California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and now back in her native state of Florida.

2.  Danielle has a passion for functional nutrition and a whole health approach. She believes that wellness comes from not only the food we consume but also our environment, mental wellbeing, physical activity, and social dynamics.

3.  Danielle’s favorite foods are avocados, beets, Greek yogurt, and (surprisingly to many) plain white wedding cake.

4.  Danielle loves spending time with the family at the beach, taking long walks or watching the beautiful west coast sunset.

5.  Danielle is an avid Peloton rider and hot yoga classes where she strengthens the connection between her physical and mental wellbeing.

What Danielle wishes every parent knew about feeding their food allergy infant:

Get guidance from an experienced RD who understands the importance of advocating for your food allergy infant.
Book with Danielle Today!


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