dr trill-free to feed-breast milk-allerg
dr trill-free to feed-breast milk-allerg

Exclusive Free to Feed™ Online Community

This community is built with love and empathy in mind. A place where you can ask questions, share the ups and downs of your journey, and find comfort in knowing that you are not alone.  Our community will be hosted on our Free to Feed platform, Get Healthie. We’re determined to make this a safe and special place for all food allergy parents.

Food Allergy Education Modules 


Knowledge is power! These education modules are tailored to parents who have kids with food allergies. You’ll have access to 10+ modules on everything from food allergy symptoms to reintroduction strategies.


We understand you’re busy parents so you can complete these at your own pace. We’re happy to tell you most are videos, so you can watch them during nap time or on your lunch break at work. The modules will are available to you all year, so come back any time to brush up on certain topics or help educate your family members.


Here’s a little sneak peek at some of the module topics:


  • The Different Types of Food Allergies

  • Food Allergy Symptoms

  • Testing for Food Allergies

  • Elimination Diets

  • Reintroduction Strategies

  • Introducing Solids

  • And so much more


Quarterly Expert Deep Dives

Four times a year Free to Feed will bring you experts in the field of food allergies, lactation, feeding, research, and more to continue to provide you with the support and helpful information you want.

You can submit your questions early or during the live session! If you miss the webinar, don’t worry. You’ll have access all year long for your convenience.

Monthly Newsletter

Giving your family the latest research, recipes, answers to your frequently asked questions, and more!  This newsletter will be driven by the Free to Feed community and tailored to all the buzz that’s happening in our space. 

dr trill-free to feed-breast milk-allerg
dr trill-free to feed-breast milk-allerg

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It’s time to cut down on the stress and let us help you. You’ll have everything you need for a positive breastfeeding experience with your food allergy baby.

Free to Feed™ is Excited to Take this Journey with YOU!